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Leaders for the Future - Short course

CILT are also going to offer shorter one- and two-day versions of our successful Leaders for the Future courses, which will be cheaper and easier to attend than the long course (which will still be offered too). Details on both these can be had from Marilyn Henderson,

Leaders for the Future - Full course


This is a unique programme designed for those in leadership roles within the logistics and transport sector. Taking place over a 4 month period, this 10 day programme focuses on conversation, learning and reflection around both personal leadership and leading within the context of the logistics and transport industry. It involves conversations with some of the most senior and influential leaders in the sector.

“Leadership is a trait that is not valued enough by many businesses, but it is critical to their success. This programme and what it teaches its participants will change transport’s leadership in the future.” 2015 Participant

The Programme focuses on:

●Understanding how to lead in a globally connected world.

●Developing leadership skills and practices, together with building knowledge of oneself in order to lead effectively.

●Learning from other leaders through facilitated in depth conversations and seminars with senior leaders.

●Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the issues confronting the logistics and transport sector. These include global and national economic influences, sustainability, social and cultural challenges, technology and leadership in the workplace.

●Building a strong alumni network throughout New Zealand.

●Providing the opportunity to view the world through a broad range of lenses – of different sectors, industries, modes, geographic locations and different speakers and leaders.

"The course has really challenged my view on what good leadership is and provided sound examples of great leadership through fantastic speakers. I'm looking forward to put into practice what I have learned to help me on my leadership journey” 2016 Participant

For more information on the programme and to apply, visit or contact Jo Brosnahan at or on 021576595.

It is a programme for those organisations who see that good leadership is a key to their success in the future, and who wish to see their people make great strides in a short time.

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2016 Update

The 2016 LFTF Course Tauranga Session was held on the 27th and 28th April, part of that included a presentation and site visit to the Port of Tauaranga.

Vicky Pond-Dunlop Programme Leader

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