Individual Membership

Individual membership is open to people engaged in, or otherwise interested in, the profession of logistics and transport,and upply chain management. When you first join you are graded as an Associate member of the Institute. This grade has no qualifying criteria to meet. All you need to do is complete the application form and return to us.

Terms and Conditions

Grades are

  • Associate - The first membership step, no qualifying criteria. Download an Application form or Join Online
  • Member - First grading step for those working in Logistics, Transport and Supply Chain management and qualifying by experience or qualification.
  • Chartered Member - 2nd grading step for those working in logistics or transport and qualifying by experience or qualification.
  • Chartered Fellow - Meeting Chartered Member requirements, plus holding a senior position in the industry or, rarely, per eminence following appointment to senior position in industry
  • Student Member - Enrolled in a recognized course of study in logistics or transport at a tertiary level within NZ, or a CILT International course.
  • Young Professionals - This is a special encouragement membership rate to establish their standing as a CILT member for those under 35 years of age (DOB required).
    Download Young Professionals Application Form
  • Young Professionals Information
  • Corporate Membership

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