Grading Reviews

  • The Institute is essentially an organisation of individual members. The Chartered grades of CMILT (Chartered Member) and FCILT (Chartered Fellow) are recognised internationally as indicating that the holder has reached a standard of experience and knowledge in the transport and/or logistics sectors.
  • Members can apply for regrading. You need to apply on the form below, and this together with a full CV (photocopies only please) is then forwarded to the Grading Committee for consideration.The CV should list your experience and qualifications particularly in relation to Key Performance and Key Knowledge areas, as set out on the form.These form the basis for the Committee's consideration.
  • The signatures of two Chartered Members are required. These serve as references for the Grading Committee. If you have difficulty obtaining these, please let the National Office know and we can help you..
  • Download an Application for Change of Grade form (download may take a couple of minutes).

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