Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership was introduced to give organisations the opportunity to show support at the corporate level for the Institute. It is available to businesses and organisations with a minimum of 10 employees, five of whom can be nominated as members. These individuals do not have to pay separate membership fees so there are cost savings to join as a company.

People joining under Corporate Membership do not hold any voting rights within CILT and are unable to use the post nominals of FCILT, CMILT or MILT. The intention is that by introducing these staff members to the Institute they will appreciate the value of taking up this chance to expand their personal development, and become involved in the Institute's grading programme over time as individual Chartered Members.

"Under 25" Opportunity

One of the entitlements of Corporate Membership is the ability for the organisation to have a further five of their younger staff (under 25)become CILT members under the Corporate Membership umbrella, without further cost. They should not already be CILT members. We see this as offering junior or less experienced staff a chance to become involved with the Institute as they develop their own knowledge and skills in transport and logistics.

All you have to do is complete the details of the under 25 members on a separate listing form and we will add them to our database. Please ask the CILT office for an additional form to list the details of these members, or duplicate the Corporate Application clearly stating they are "under 25" members.

Join your company online download a Corporate Application Form .