2013 Award Winners

A) Academic/Research Category of Awards

A1 The CILT Award for the best undergraduate level project on a logistics and transport topic submitted for academic credit in an accredited Tertiary Academic Institution in New Zealand or supervised by a registered New Zealand member of CILT teaching in an accredited foreign academic program involved with logistics and transport.

Sponsor: CILT NZ

Winner: Aysha Abdulla Abdul Karim

( Aysha with Chris Kissling and Lorraine Cowley her Bahrain Tutor )

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(Aysha with Chin Abeywickrama CILT NZ President)

This year we had three nominations submitted by John Webb, CMILT, MApplSc (Lincoln Univ), (a NZ registered member of the Institute) who is heading the Bachelor of International Logistics Management at the Bahrain Polytechnic in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It was as well that the criteria for this award were amended from 2012 as we had no nominations for students who undertook undergraduate projects in any New Zealand Tertiary Academic Institution. That fact in no way diminishes the merit the judges saw in the nominations received. The judges had no misgivings in awarding this particular undergraduate category to a student studying outside New Zealand, joining previous foreign student winners who came to New Zealand for their undergraduate studies. This year is a first for CILT in New Zealand in opening some of our academic awards to nominations for students studying overseas. It represents another facet of export education for New Zealand, recognising the role of NZ CILT members delivering quality education opportunities in other countries.

The Award will consist of a cash payment of $500 as a contribution to the winners attendance at the Awards function or to their professional development.

A3 The CILT NZ Award for the Logistics Training Groups Top Graduate in the CILT UK Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport.

Nominations for this award will be made on recommendation of the Program Director, for the student who has achieved the highest overall performance in the UK Professional Diploma. The eligibility period will be for the previous academic year. The award will consist of a cash payment of $500 as a contribution to the winner's professional development.

Sponsor: Logistics Training Group

Winner: John Christiansen

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(Walter Glass with John Christiansen )

A5 The Ministry of Transport Merit Award 2013

"The Ministry of Transport sponsored award of Certificate of Merit was presented to Mark Williamson from Lincoln University for his Master's Thesis on

Analysis of the influence of Residential Location on Light Passenger Vehicle Energy Demand. Mark was nominated by his supervisor, Dr Jean-Paul Thull.

Mark's work to model the distance travelled by residents and the subsequent integration of this data with GIS is interesting and reveals new information. His model could be used in other areas. Mark receives an award of $1,000."

Sponsor: Ministry of Transport

Winner: Mark Williamson

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(Glen-Marie Burns from MoT with Mark Williamson)

(B) Communications and Industry Category Awards

(B1) The CILT Award for the Most Meritorious Published article in a New Zealand publication.

Sponsor: CILT NZ

Winner: Nick Flack

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(Chin Abeywickrama and Nick Flack)

(B2) The CILT Award for the Most Meritorious Presentation.

This Award is for the most meritorious New Zealand presentation to a supply chain / logistics or transport forum, or a CILT meeting during the period 1st July to 30th June. It is Awarded annually. The Award also consists of $500.00 prize money.

Sponsor: Kissling Consulting Ltd

Winner: Marinus La Rooij

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(Harry Wilson from NZTA who collected the award ion behalf of Marinus La Rooij with Chris Kissling)

(B3) The CILT Award for Implementation and Practice.

Sponsor: Cubic Transport

Winner: KiwiRail and The Greater Wellington Regional Council

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(Judy Meharry of Cubic the sponsor company Wayne Hastie GWRC and Deb Hume of KiwiRail)

(B4) The CILT Award for Public Transport Innovation.

Sponsor: CILT NZ

Winner: The Matangi Train Project

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(Angus Gabara and Chin Abeywickrama)

(B5 ) The CILT Award for Supply Chain Innovation.

Sponsor: Dexion New Zealand

Winner: C3 Limited

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(Craig Landon of Dexion and Chris Sutherland of C3 Limited)

(B6 )The CILT Award for Safety,Security and Environmental Innovation

Sponsor: CentrePort Ltd

Winner: Sam Stanley

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(Steve Harris of CentrePort and Sam Stanley )

(C) Excellence Category Awards

(C2) The Norman Spencer Memorial Medal for Contribution to Transport and the Institute

This Award is a memorial to Norman Spencer, the first Chairman of the New Zealand Division of The Chartered Institute of Transport, 1959 - 1962. This Award will only be made to recognize a person of the highest calibre from within the transport and logistics sectors. The person is to have made an outstanding contribution over time to the sector as well as contributing in a meaningful way to the activities of the Institute.

Sponsor: CILT NZ

Winner: Glen-Marie Burns

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(C3) The Sir Bob Owens Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Logistics, Supply Chain Sector & Community

This Award is a memorial to the late Sir Bob Owens, one of the industry's most respected leaders. Nominations for the Award will be sought by the Council of CILT through its own network of branches and sectors. Nominations are to be supported by full details of the nominee's achievements, contributions to community and experience.

Sponsor: CILT NZ

Winner: Graeme Marshall

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(Graeme Marshall with Chris Kissling)

Three Life Membership certificates we awarded this year:

Warwick Lewis and Norman Geary were able to attend, Murray Horlor received his one at the Section meeting 13th November:

Photo Click:Warwick Lewis on the left of Norman Geary Photo Click: Murray Horlor received his Life M/ship Cert from Tony Frost