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  • 29/03/2018
  • 13:00:00
  • New Zealand
  • CPD 0.00hrs
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Speaker : Don Wignall

Don holds a Master of Science in Transportation and Traffic Planning from the University of Birmingham and a Master of Civic Design, Town Planning from the University of Liverpool in the UK. His interest lies in understanding the value that transport investments make to the economy. He regularly provides technical advice to national and regional bodies on and ways to achieve enhanced outcomes with integrated transport programmes.

Topic : Auckland Northern Busway Retrospective : Updated review of Impacts

This paper was prepared by Don Wignall and Ian Wallis and originally presented at the Australasian Transport Research Forum in November 2017. The presentation will address three questions :

Has the busway been a success ?

What can we learn about peak period travel needs to Auckland CBD ?

Should the busway transition to a higher capacity operational system and if so when?

Using pre and post opening data the presentation assesses the original evaluation processes against newer ones creating the platform for transport professionals to develop new business cases for busway development. .