Leaders for the Future Course

The Leaders for the Future (LFTF) Programme will start again March 2017. Registrations are open now.

The questions and answers document and programme details are attached below:-

Question and answers

Preliminary Application Form

Further Information

If you have questions that are not covered here, further information can be obtained from Jo Brosnahan, Leaders for the Future, at jo.brosnahan@gmail.com

Phone 09 4788363

Mobile 021 576595.

“Leadership is a trait that is not valued enough by many businesses, but it is critical to their success. This programme and what it teaches its participants will change transport’s leadership in the future.”

2015 Participant

“This Course was a life-changing event. By gaining clarity on what is really important, this has given me and my team such a wider scope to succeed.

2015 Participant

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